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Robot Go West


This projet is a part of larger projet Communication Racinaire which aims to drive plante into the direction of the sun.

When a plant received the solar radiation, a difference of potential will be created inside the plant. This physical reaction interest us to measure it and interpret the signal to drive the robot.


On the diagram we can see a "Pi" symbole which represents the micro-controller who calculate and drive the robot, who will make the C sources work. After many hours of working or test phase the microcontroller create and store data interpretable by the Python script.

Embedded C sources

Graphical representation

The scheme represents well the program operation on the raspberry, the diagram is read from left to right.

The first represent the stream from vegetalsignal's captor through the USB port. This part block us because we don't have stream for now with the captor then we have create a thread to similate it. The stream send Raw data correspond to the electrique tension generated by the plant.

The second part with the thread storeRawData catch the raw data and store it in the memory in several files.(Usable data for python script)

The third part is used to gather data files and calculate to have pertinante data (Power or GrowthRate) and store it in file.

The fourth is not yet done, the thread drive will recovers the power and/or the gorwthRate data recognize events in the data and drive the robot.

Graphic visualization Python script

The Python script is used to print the tension data on a graph.