[DRAFT] Create Redmine users from CSV and add users to a group.
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Redmine CSV loader

Create Redmine users from CSV and add users to a group.

⚠️ This project is only a draft, it's working but not intended to be used widely ⚠️

Binaries are placed in dist/ for x64.

  • "*": linux
  • "*.exe": windows

Script can be run directly with deno task start for other architectures or compile with deno task compile using deno.


The users CSV file must be in utf-8 using "," or ";" as separator. The required headers must be exactly "firstname", "lastname" and "mail" in any order (all other header will be skipped).



Get help

./dist/redmine-csv-loader --help

Create users

./dist/redmine-csv-loader ./path/to/csv -k "my_api_key"

Add existing users to a group

./dist/redmine-csv-loader ./path/to/csv -k "my_api_key" -a -g "my_group"